Getting your home ready for spring

Getting your home ready for spring

  • Portico ATX Real Estate
  • 10/6/23

Getting your home ready for spring

We don't know about you but as weather is warming up, we are ready to get into spring mode. Here are a few tips to getting your home freshened up for spring.

1. A fresh coat of paint

Breath new life into a room or even a piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re painting while living in the house, we recommend picking a low vcos paint like Ecos paint.

We recently turned this dark wood table into a bright coffee table by applying a few layers of primer and paint. You can do this to doors, side tables, shelves, walls, etc.

2. Add seasonal prints

You don't need to swap our your furniture to freshen up the look in your home. Think about the soft touches, like adding fresh pillows, getting new art prints for your frames or even getting new curtains.

Etsy has a lot of downloadable artwork for purchase which you can send to the local printer.

3. Increase curb appeal

You have probably noticed a lot of fresh mulch and cleaned up landscaping in your neighborhood

Increasing curb appeal can be as easy as trimming off dead branches on bushes and trees and adding a fresh door mat or adding a potted plant to the front porch.

4. Bring in plants

You get two for one here - plants bring in color and a spring feel for sure. But they can also help keep the air clean!

Plants high up on the list of air-cleaning properties according to a NASA study are peace lily, parlour palm, lady palm, snake plant and more!

5. Last but not least: a good spring clean!

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